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Venus Plus X - Theodore Sturgeon

Charlie Johns has been snatched from his home on 61 North 34th Street & delivered to the strange future world of Ledom. Here, violence is a vague, improbable notion. Technology has triumphed over hunger, overpopulation, pollution, even time & space. But there is a change Charlie finds even more shocking: gender is a thing of the past. Venus Plus X is Theodore Sturgeon's brilliant evocation of a civilization for whom tensions between male & female & the human preoccupation with sex no longer exist.

As Charlie Johns explores Ledom & its people, he finds that the human precepts he holds dear are profane in this new world. But has Charlie learned all there is to know about this advanced society? Why are the Ledom so intent on gaining Charlie's approval? Unsettling, compelling & no less than visionary, here is science fiction at its boldest--a novel whose wisdom & lyricism make it one of the most original & insightful speculations on gender ever produced.

Cover: Gray Morrow

  • Autor: Theodore Sturgeon
  • Kategoria: fantastyka, fantasy, science fiction
  • Język: angielski
  • ISBN: 000-00-0000-00-0
  • Data wydania: 1968-03-01
  • Liczba stron: 160
  • Ocena: 0,0
  • Wydawnictwo: Pyramid Books
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